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Creating a positive space
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and emotional wellbeing.


We all have ups and downs in life. But as a parent, you can help your child feel ready to cope with life’s challenges when they arise.

Build Sound Minds is a campaign for improving young people’s emotional wellbeing. We offer advice on how to support your child - and look after yourself.



We all have our own fears and worries. Help your child understand their feelings, and what they can do to manage them.


Everyone has times where they feel good about themselves - and times when they feel less good. Help your child build strong self-esteem.


We all need time alone now and again, but a sense of belonging is important too. Talk to your child about positive social relationships.


Stress is a natural part of development. It can even be useful sometimes. Give your child the emotional tools to cope when things build up.


 Further support

If you’re worried about your child and not sure you can help them, seek professional help. See our list of where to get more support.


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